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Color: Labradorite

Le design géométrique original des boucles d'oreilles Lyra leur apporte légèreté et caractère. En version dorée ou argentée, elles se portent aussi bien accumulées que seules. 9 coloris de pierres fines au choix : nacre, aventurine, quartz rose...

Longueur des boucles d'oreilles : 2 cm
Taille de la pierre : 6 x 6 x 6 cm  

Your jewels are precious and delicate. Follow the instructions below to preserve the luster of your pieces for as long as possible.

  • 1

    To preserve their shine, avoid contact with
    water, perfume and cosmetics.
    Make sure you them on after your beauty routine.


  • 2

    Just like you, your jewelry pieces need to rest.
    If you normally wear them 24/7, occasionally remove all pieces and set them
    aside when you go to bed. When not worn, store them in the pouches we provided where they will be protected from light and moisture.


  • 3

    To avoid tarnishing your pieces,
    clean them delicately with a soft cloth every week.


  • 4

    To prevent necklaces from getting tangled,
    always leave the clasp outside of the
    closed pouch when you put them aside.

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