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The ultimate fashion accessory, hoops are THE earring to have and collect ! Timeless pieces for your collection, hoops will make you shine and catch eyes.

Not sure how to choose hoops ?

Their rounded look gives a vintage and modern feel at the same time, and will adapt to all styles and faces as long as you choose the right size. If you have a round and thin face, beware of the XXL hoop. Go with mini hoops to show off your beautiful features! Whether mini or maxi, gold or silver, asymmetrical, twisted, braided, teardrop-shaped, or embellished with tassels, our hoops will show you off in any situation. At work or in the evening, it's a must-have fashion accessory!

Wondering how to wear hoops with style and elegance ?

If you like chic and elegant styles, go for some no-frill hoops. Slightly twisted or much simpler, they'll bring a touch of sophistication to your looks. For a more whimsical and original style, go for a hoop with tassels, pearls or small trendy pendants! Hoop earrings are available in gold or silver to highlight your face with style and elegance. To wear on any occasion, but above all without moderation !