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Engrave your medallions, bangles, bracelets and countless chain necklaces, for 100% unique and personalized jewelry. What could be more symbolic than offering the people dear to us a piece of jewelry that speaks to them? A first name, a sweet word, an important date, a short message, initials or a place that's close to your heart? The possibilities are endless. Gold or silver, our engravable jewelry is the perfect gift for absolutely anyone. Whether celebrating a wedding, birth, baptism or anniversary, it's the ideal present for loved ones! Declare your love by having your most beautiful feelings engraved on our timeless, vintage-style medallions, worn for life! For a trendy look, layer our bangles with our chain bracelets! Let your imagination run wild, play with words, and above all stand out! Available in gold or silver finish, our jewelry can be worn daily or for special occasions. Our engravable pieces, like lucky charms, are symbolic of the love of the person who gave them to us. Far from simple, our engravable jewelry is above all unique and precious to you and those you love!