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The jewelry world is embracing a new era. Traditional earrings have given way to Mix & Match earrings.

Are Mix & Match earrings the latest trend ?

More and more people are wearing mismatched earrings. Whether they're made of seashells, crystal, or even gilded brass, our pendants slip perfectly onto our smooth or twisted rings. Fall for our hoops, and pair them with our ear studs for a completely unique look. With Mix & Match earrings, the sky's the limit! Available in gold or silver, there's something for all styles, personalities and tastes. Check out our ear studs and tassels, designed to pair with all our hoops and rings.

Wondering how to create original earrings ?

Want to look fresh, original, and fierce? Our Mix & Match earrings match your style perfectly, showing off your personality. Pair our hoops and studs for a subtle, trendy look. Whether it's Amazonite, Aventurine, Carnelian, Labradorite, Lapiz Lazuli, Mother of Pearl, Black Onyx, Rose Quartz, or Turquoise, our precious stones will bring light and color to your creations.