Drop earrings SensaiDrop earrings Sensai
Studs LouStuds Lou

Studs Lou

$37.50 $75
Drop earrings EveDrop earrings Eve

Drop earrings Eve

$47.50 $95
Drop earrings CassiaDrop earrings Cassia
Drop earrings EkoDrop earrings Eko

Drop earrings Eko

$44.10 $63
Drop earrings IrisDrop earrings Iris

Drop earrings Iris

$61.60 $88
Drop earrings OmaDrop earrings Oma

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For all those who dream of wearing earrings, but don't have their ears pierced, our clip-on earrings are for you!

Why go for the clip-on ?

Available in gold or silver, adorned with semi-precious stones or geometric patterns, clip-on earrings are the perfect piece of jewelry for unpierced ears, perfect for any outfit! As fashionable as they are practical, you'll never lose the backs of your favorite earrings again!

Wondering what to wear your clip-ons with ?

For an irresistibly original look, go for our modern yet timeless XXL earrings! Designed and imagined in Paris, our clip-on earrings will make you shine and sparkle! Whether you want to go discreet with small clip-ons or more daring with our clip-on hoops, you'll find the pair for you! Mini, maxi or fancy, in reds, blues or greens, you'll love the light our clip-on earrings add to all occasions... Your new favorite accessory, available in gold or silver.